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Silent Client 2.1 – Emotes & Much More!

March 15, 2024


Hey everyone!

We are pleased to present you our new update – Silent Client 2.1!

New features


We have added a new cosmetic system into the Silent Client called emotes. Emotes are little dances that your character can perform in game. Any emote you perform will be seen by all other players using the Silent Client. The system is really special, so special in fact we are giving everyone a free emote to use on the client. If you want to be even more awesome and support our work here, consider buying some more emotes on our shop:

How do I access the emote system?

You can use the "B" key on your keyboard

Color Picker

Now you can choose any color in the mod settings, not just presets.

Ability to draw crosshairs

We're here to showcase one of our cool new additions, the ability to draw your own crosshair!
Simple use your mouse to draw pixels on the canvas in the crosshair menu!
1) Left click - Draw Pixel
2) Right click - Delete Pixel

Other improvements

  • Shaking Intensity slider in Animations Mod
  • Ability to change background color in Scoreboard mod
  • Improved cursor changing system
  • Limit Unfocused FPS in FPS Boost
  • Hide World Borders in FPS Boost
  • Random Resource Pack button
  • Added the ability to select any color in the Premium Chroma Bandana
  • Switches instead of Checkboxes in mod settings
  • Disable Scroll Wheel in the General

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