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Silent Client 2.0 Official Release

April 18, 2024


Hey everyone!

Before I tell you about the update, I want to congratulate you on the upcoming or already arrived new year!

Well, our client has been with us for a whole year now, and during this year we have achieved simply enormous results! For this I can only thank you, all those who played on the client throughout this year.


Now about the update, we present you Silent Client 2.0! (yes, this is the update we worked on for 6 months)

The update is already available at:

In this update we:

  • Redesigned menus
  • Added Lite version
  • Improved FPS Boost
  • Added new mods

This is a very short description of what we have added, read below if you want to know all the changes ;)

New features

New design & Lite Edition

We've updated the design of the main menu, mod menu, server list menu, and even the resource pack selection menu!


We also added a Lite Edition for fans of the old design.


Quickplay Mod

Quickplay mod allows you to enter a new game on Hypixel and RuHypixel simply by pressing a button on your keyboard.

How do you enable Quickplay and put it to use?

  • Open the mods menu by pressing Right Shift, then type “Quickplay” into the search bar.
  • Enable it, then click on the mod.


Sounds Mod

Ability to change the volume of individual sounds via a slider


Rounded Corners

Option to make the corners of the mods rounded, which should create a nice aesthetic.

Location: Any HUD mods (FPS, CPS, ETC) -> Enable Rounded corners!


Cursor Support

It's the little things that make something truly beautiful. With Silent Client 2.0, we spent a lot of time looking at everything that makes a good user interface, and one of the key things we identified that helps make an interface come to life was icons. These cursors are available throughout your Minecraft experience in Silent Client 2.0, and will help all of the menus feel more alive. Check out some examples below:



Do you like getting dressed up differently every day? Well we have great news for you! We have gone ahead and improved our cosmetics system and added a brand new system for outfits directly in game. You can go ahead now and create as many outfits (aka profiles) as you want for your character in game and change which cosmetics are being used for each outfit.

This outfit system is super easy to use and configure. Check out the screenshots below on how to use it and start swapping your cosmetics out quickly in Silent Client 2.0 today!


New Launcher

We updated the launcher design and added small technical improvements :)


Other improvements

  • First Time User Menu
  • Alt Manager
  • Animations Mod update
  • "CPS Type" in Keystrokes mod
  • Improved Edit Hud
  • Bug Fixes


We are pleased to release this new version of the client for public viewing and use. Over the coming weeks, we will work to resolve any issues you may have with your client. Be sure to leave us feedback, we will take them all into account!

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family during the holidays. From the Silent Client team, we thank you all for your support throughout the year, without you this would not be possible!

Happy New Year!

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