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Silent Client 2.0.0 Beta – Opening!

April 18, 2024

Silent Client 2.0

Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you about the start of beta testing of the new version of the Silent Client.

Today, namely July 25, 2023, we are launching Silent Client 2.0 closed beta testing!
You can already access the beta by purchasing a set of exclusive cosmetics and a Premium+ subscription for 3 months as a gift for only $8 $6 at the link:
And you can also get access to the beta version by purchasing Premium or Premium + at the link:

For the rest of this post, I will do it in the style of a FAQ, as it will be the fastest and easiest for people to understand and find the information they are looking for.

I bought access to the beta version, how do I download it?
Just enable SC2 in the Silent Client launcher.

What is beta?
"Beta" is an opportunity to test new software before it is deemed ready for full public use. This means things change faster during beta testing as we collect feedback from our audience on how we can improve things. What players see on the first day of the Silent Client 2.0 Closed Beta may change in a few weeks as we continue to tweak and improve the client based on all the community feedback. This also means that there will probably be more bugs and crashes than usual in a Silent Client game, but fear not! Our team has done a fantastic job of fixing the crashes and bugs reported by our test team and we will continue to release fixes as often as we can to ensure everyone has a smooth gaming experience!

What's special about Silent Client 2.0?
We have updated the design of the main menu and mod menu, added a Lite version and a welcome screen for new users. In addition to the design, we literally made this version from scratch and did a very good job on the FPS, and also added the ability to create outfits in the cosmetics menu.

When will Silent Client 2.0 be available to everyone for free?
The answer is we don't know. This will greatly depend on how the beta tests go in the coming months. If people want us to change a lot about how the user interface or client features work, it might take longer. If everyone loves Silent Client 2.0 from the start, then it might arrive sooner than you think.
If you don't want to wait, you should buy the 2.0 Beta Bundle and get access to the beta, and help our development team keep doing amazing things for the Minecraft community here:

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